Best Gluten Free Beer – Exploring your Options

gluten free beer

If you’re someone who loves beer but has gluten sensitivity, you know how hard it can be to find a good gluten free beer. With so many options on the market, it can be overwhelming to know which one to choose. But fear not! We’ve done the research for you and have compiled a list of the best gluten-free beers out there.

What is Gluten Free Beer?

Gluten is a protein present in barley, wheat, and rye. Hence, traditional beer made from these grains contains gluten. Gluten free beer, on the other hand, is made from grains like sorghum, rice, and corn, which are naturally gluten free.

Gluten Free Beer Options

  1. Omission Lager: This lager is brewed with traditional beer ingredients, but the gluten is removed using a special process. It has a crisp and refreshing taste, similar to traditional lagers.
  2. New Belgium Glutiny Pale Ale: This ale is brewed using gluten free grains and has a hoppy and citrusy flavor, similar to traditional pale ales.
  3. Dogfish Head Tweason’ale: This ale is brewed using strawberries and buckwheat honey, making it naturally gluten free. It has a fruity and sweet taste, perfect for those who prefer a sweeter beer.
  4. Estrella Damm Daura: This lager is brewed with barley, but the gluten is removed using a patented process. It has a smooth and refreshing taste, similar to traditional lagers.
  5. Green’s Amber Ale: This Belgian-style ale is brewed with gluten free grains like millet, buckwheat, and sorghum. It has a rich and malty taste, similar to traditional amber ales.


If you are a beer lover with gluten sensitivity, there is no need to give up your love for beer. There are many gluten free beer options available that are just as tasty as traditional beers. Whether you prefer a light and crisp beer or a rich and malty one, there is an option out there that is perfect for you. So, go ahead and raise a glass to good health and great taste!

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