Drunk Calc FAQ

How accurate are online BAC calculators?

It depends entirely on the individual calculator. Most online BAC calculators use the Widmark equation to estimate someone's BAC. The Widmark equation has been reported to have an average uncertainty of around 20%. This means that any estimate made by a BAC calculator could be up to 20% too high or too low.

How accurate is Drunk Calc?

Drunk Calc uses a more advanced algorithm than any other online BAC calculator (that we know of), but it's certainly still prone to uncertainty. We're constantly looking to improve the algorithm with any new scientific information that becomes available.

How do I use your BAC calculator?

Using Drunk Calc is incredibly simple. The first step is to enter your biological sex, height, and your weight. The final step is to add some drinks. You do this by selecting the drink units, the drink type, the drink size, the drink strength, your hunger level, and the time you consumed the drink. Once you've added all of your drinks, our amazing BAC calculator will estimate your BAC!

Hunger level? Why do I need to enter that?

You've probably heard this before, but the rate at which your body can absorb alcohol is affected by how much food you have eaten. That's why Drunk Calc asks you how hungry you feel! If you're starving, you'll absorb the alcohol faster, whereas if you're full, you'll absorb the alcohol slower. Most online BAC calculators don't take this data into account, but it's essential in estimating the most accurate BAC!

Is it safe to drive even if a BAC calculator says I'm under the legal limit for my Country?

No. The only time it is safe to drive is when you haven't consumed any alcohol or drugs. Ignore any BAC calculator that tells you it is safe to drive as long as your BAC is below the legal limit. Any amount of alcohol can impair your ability to drive, which is why it is important that you abstain from driving after drinking.

Your BAC calculator said my BAC is 0.00%, is it broken?

Nope, it's not broken! Your BAC might be 0.00% if all of your drinks were consumed within the last few minutes. After all, alcohol takes time to be absorbed, so you'll notice that your BAC continues to rise as time goes by. Look at the handy chart that accompanies your results, and it will show you what your peak BAC will be, and when you'll reach it!

Speaking of the handy chart, what information is it showing me?

Good question! The chart that's visible on our BAC calculator results page shows 2 or 3 things. First, it always shows you your current BAC. Then, if your BAC is going to continue to rise, it will show you what your peak BAC is, and when you'll reach it. Finally, the chart will show you when your blood alcohol level will return to 0.00%. Not bad for a free BAC calculator, huh?!