What is a BAC Calculator?

What is a BAC Calculator?

A BAC calculator, otherwise known as a blood alcohol calculator or blood alcohol content calculator, is simply a calculator that attempts to estimate your blood alcohol concentration.

Most blood alcohol calculators make their estimates based on the same information. Your age, height, weight, biological sex, as well as how many drinks you have consumed over a specified time period are the most common things a BAC calculator will ask for.

Every BAC calculator has some degree of uncertainty. To get a truly accurate BAC reading, a breathalyzer must be used (or even better, a blood test must be taken).

What does BAC stand for?

BAC, short for blood alcohol concentration (or content), is a way of measuring how much alcohol is in your blood. The higher the number, the more alcohol there is in your blood, and the drunker you are. This is the number that a BAC calculator will estimate.

The standard measurement of BAC is g/100mL, written as a percentage. For example, if you have 0.05 grams of alcohol in every 100mL of your blood, your blood alcohol level would be 0.05%.

A couple of fun facts: A blood alcohol concentration between 0.35% and 0.40% is usually considered fatal. However, the highest BAC ever recorded was 1.48%, which was over 3x higher than the lethal dose!

What is Drunk Calc?

Drunk Calc is a BAC calculator. It's a pretty good BAC calculator too. In fact, Drunk Calc is probably the best blood alcohol calculator on the internet. Drunk Calc utilizes a highly sophisticated algorithm to estimate your blood alcohol content.

Some of the important pieces of information required by our amazing BAC calculator are your weight, height, biological sex, how many hours you've been drinking, how much food you've had to eat, and of course, how many drinks you have consumed.

While Drunk Calc is probably the most advanced BAC calculator on the internet, at the end of the day, the results obtained are just an estimate based on all available information. Your actual blood alcohol content may differ from the value our blood alcohol calculator provides.